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Heck! I keep being useless at keeping utd eh?? 😂

Buut … look … the website has been re-designed … 😳 … so I hope you enjoy it!

My thanks too Ashley at Purple Dot Design for all the work he’s put in to it.

I’m also expecting a couple of books I’ve been working on for years to finally go off to press soon.

They are both examinations of the NZ oral poem.

One is a collection of Māori oral poetic forms in both Te Reo and English.

It includes waiata aroha, oriori, haka, and mōteatea and is called Three Women.

And the other is a collection of Pākehā oral histories and poems.

It is full of hymns, ballads, sea-shanties, clapping songs and nursery rhymes and is called Myths and Legends of the Ancient Pākehā.

Both of them are paired volumes and come with a soundtrack you will be able to download or stream from the website.

Sooo … I have kept busy shepherding those along!

I’m knee deep checking commas and macrons and the like atm …

I’m also planning to have a crack at walking Te Araroa later this year too which might take me out of the loop for a few months as well.

I’ve got a couple of writing projects I want to take along with me … so I’m really looking forward to wandering and scribbling.

Other than that there are still a few manuscripts to clear out and get published when I get back.

So there is plenty to keep the nose to the grindstone!

I’m putting up a couple of images of the new books … just to prove I’ve been working on something!

If you spot any spelling mistakes let me know! 🤣

All the best to everyone out there.


Cheers, Glenn.

Three Women Book Jacket



Myths and Legends of the ancient Pakeha book cover
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